Our Story


  • Connect with what is Precious...

    Have you ever had an experience where…

    There are no easy answers, simple platitudes, or assuaging words. In the crux of the moment, there is only ‘being with it,’ being with the truth, dignifying the truth, dignifying the human being. Being together.

    The mystery of life is a faith journey for me…

    And the Niteo story began in one of those moments…read more
  • Connect with Authenticity...

    Over the last 6 years, Niteo Africa teams have hosted over 50 Canadians in Uganda, Africa. Each Canadian who has traveled is moved to compassion, many return, moved to action.

    It seems like it is a developmental progression. First, one wants to solve the most immediate needs. Orphanages are the most emotionally stirring places. Connecting with the vulnerable children profoundly changes perspectives.

    However, the compassion is really only the first step in relationship. Authentic relationship sees the challenges and the promise. Connecting with friendship demands reciprocity and one sees how Africa will offer more than it will ever ask. It is captivating.
  • Connect with Investing...

    Niteo Africa Society, established officially as a charitable non-government organization with CRA in 2010, seeks to offer two major investments in partnership with Ugandans:

    • Investment into the reading culture through the establishment of literacy centres

    • Investment into cross-cultural relationships that seek to understand and dignify our cultures
  • Connect with Humanitarians

    Local Canadian Humanitarians:

    First Lutheran Church, Kelowna B.C.  has a great vision for the future and is especially involved in supporting and sponsoring the Eva Ruf Literacy Centre.

    Month of Love challenges groups to give up one 'want' for a month and donate the savings to charity. The founder, Rhonda Draper, was inspired to create the movement after a trip to Uganda with Niteo in 2010.

    Local Ugandan Humanitarians:

    King’s Daughters Ministries  provides a home for girls and young women who have been subject to abuse or conflict. Niteo is honoured to be a small part of Sally W’afrika’s work by providing educational sponsorships for the girls and facilitating a partnership between them and Sanyu Babies Home.

    Sponsoring Humanitarians:

    Shorestone Homes David Veldhoen and the crews at Shorestone Homes have generously provided financial, logistical, and physical support as we store, pack, and ship our containers of books.

    Sphere Research Corporation Walter Shawlee II, the President of Sphere Research Corporation, has been a generous donor of scientific equipment for use in the high schools in which we work.

    Troika Developments deserves special thanks for their belief in the children of Uganda through their support of Leaders of Distinction and Kids Helping Kids.

    Non-Governmental Humanitarians:

    Hope For The Nations was instrumental in Niteo’s start-up. Their continued belief that at-risk children can be transformed into tomorrow’s leaders is an inspiration to all and their continued support and advice is invaluable to Niteo.

    Governmental Humanitarians:

    UNESCO is the United Nation’s Educational branch and understands the critical link between education and development.