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  VERY IMPORTANT THINGS TO KNOW WHEN TRAVELING TO UGANDA By Lori Taetz During my stay in Uganda, I learned some useful facts.  You might call them TRIVIA. I prefer to call them USEFUL THINGS TO KNOW. Here is my non exhaustive list. Some of the information was told to me by my Ugandan friends, and some information is a product of personal experience. Feel free to use it when planning your next trip to East Africa
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GULU JUVENILE JAIL By Lori Taetz Trespassing.  Stealing.  Finding themselves away from parental support. Being in the wrong place at the wrong time. These are some of the reasons the 50 or so young people are residing at the Gulu Remand Home in Uganda. We arrived at the jail to find approximately 47 young men and 3 young women, between the ages of 13 and 20, sitting side by side on wooden benches. They were in two di
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Uganda welcomes compassionately… “You are welcome, our visitors!”

  Uganda welcomes compassionately… “You are welcome, our visitors!” by: Karine Veldhoen There is an untold story on the world stage; it begins with “You are welcome, our visitors!” As I’ve traveled throughout Uganda on 13 trips, over the past decade, in diverse schools, in countless classrooms, I consistently encounter the greeting, in unison, with a chorus of sincerity, “You are welcome, our v
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Moses’ Treasure

Moses’ Treasure by Karine Veldhoen Moses had a package.  It was homemade.  The package was made out of corrugated cardboard of two sorts.  The pieces were folded and inter-locking.  I was suspicious they held a treasure inside.  I was curious.  I cajoled him in English to share his treasure with me.  The children around us giggled about our awkward adventure of discovery.  I continued to smile my encouragement
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What is Your Peace

WHAT IS YOUR PEACE? By: Shandrea Tesoriere I have been here once before, two years ago to Hope North (a boarding school in Uganda for former child soldiers, orphans and other young survivors of Uganda’s brutal civil war) as part of the Niteo Africa 2015 travel team.  It is so serene, and deeply etched in my heart. Today was a beautiful, Sunday afternoon and we had just arrived at Hope North.  As we were walking
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Cherished Friendship by: Lori Taetz

CHERISHED FRIENDSHIP BY LORI TAETZ   I saw you sitting there Alone, beckoning, friendly I walked over and sat beside you As we got to know each other I was caught up In your adventures   You made me smile when I was sad You spoke words of kindness when I needed them And helped me see another’s perspective When I could only see my own   Through your words, I learned about the world And the needs of othe
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I call it redemption. It is more than books. It is dignity.

“This Place is So Good” by: Karine Veldhoen It’s called Abuga Road.  It is a redemption story. In 2014 two Canadian teenagers and I attended the grand opening of the Niteo Africa literacy centre in Gulu, Uganda.  The centre is on Abuga Road, not far from Lacor Hospital.  Our story is in the contrast.  It sits in the darkness and light; it is found in the clearing of the dust.  Allow me… Our exploratory visit in 2013
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Stone Soup Gala 2017

3rd Annual Stone Soup Gala for Literacy

  Join Niteo Africa in celebrating our 10th Anniversary with the Stone Soup Gala for Literacy at Sandhill Winery.  On February 18th, we will join together with the Okanagan Chef’s Association to raise money for our next literacy project in Uganda.   Our third annual event is sure to satisfy. Chefs will compete to create the best dish inspired by famous literature.  The best part is… the guests are th
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